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China is the world's largest market for EVs, and it is significant to promote synergistic development of electric vehicles and power grids.By the end of 2019, there were 3.81 million EVs in China.Among them, the number of pure EV is 3.1 million, accounting for more than 80%.The power demand caused by EV charging load may cause great burden to the power system.As EVs become more widespread, the impact on the power system is likely to increase.At the same time, EVs are also highly flexible mobile energy storage units, which have great potential in adjusting electricity load, improving power quality, absorbing renewable energy, and helping to reduce the expansion demand of the distribution network and even the whole network

Physical conference location: Crowne Plaza Nanjing
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Zoom & Physically
Co-located Event:The 10th Global Li-Battery Recycling and 2nd life battery Summit 2022 On-site visit: Jiangsu Huayou Energy Technology co.,Ltd(the 2nd life battery plant)


Past of our previous event Sponsors

1,Huang Xueliang, Director of Smart Grid Technology & Equipment Lab,Professor of Southeast University

2,Son Chan, Head of Power Distribution Lab,KEPCO

3,Liu Juan,VP president,Head of EV Grid, NIO

4,Wang Mingcai, Vice President, Stare Grid EV Co.,Ltd

5,Ahmed Mousa,Utility of the Future Manager/CEO/Adjunct professor,PSE&G

6,Jochen De Smet,Expert E mobility @Sweco Belgium/President at EV Belgium

7,Leonardo Zeni,Terna SpA

8,Shailesh Jain,Program Manager-BEV Energy Solutions & Charging Infrastructure

9,Jacques Borremans,Managing Director Asia, CharIn Global

10,Bjoern Christensen,Managing Director,Next-dimension

11,Baerte De Brey,Vice President bij AVERE-The European Association for Electromobility

12,James Hagerman,CTO,Emobility Infrastructure GmbH,Formal Director,Vehicle Development, FAW China

13,Tomoko Yamabe Blech,Managing Director,CHAdeMO Assocication EU

14,Sergio Torre,CEO at Nucleo-Special Concepts srl

15,Qian Long,Deputy General Manager,Jiangsu Huayou Energy Technology co.,Ltd

16,Rainer M. Bachmann,General Manager,E:E Consulting GmbH

17,Robin Berg,Managing Director,We Drive Solar

18,Y.T.Kim,Principal Director,Team Leader,Korea Battery Industry Association

19,Wei Bao, General Manager, Zhejiang Huayou Recycling Technology Ltd

20,Sergio Torre,CEO at Nucleo-Special Concepts srl

21,Johannes Roessner,Founder and CEO, Better Testing

22,Linjia Cai, Corporate sustainability Strategy,Sabic IP

23,Zhao Xiaoyong,Managing Director&General Manager,Beijing Saidemei Resource Recycling Research institute

24,Wu Hui, Dean of EV Economic Research Institute,Expert member of Zhejiang Automobile Industry Association

25,Dr.Zhang Tao,General Manager,North Star Advanced Recycling Technology (Tsingtao) co.,Ltd

26,Li Yang,Executive Secretary-General,CECCPA&NEBRPC

27,Xiao Chengwei,Vice Chairman of EV Sub-committee of National Automobile

Standardization Committee

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